Bankruptcy Petition


A Bankruptcy Petition is the name given to the documents that need to be “filed” correctly when someone or something would like to receive a Bankruptcy discharge for debts that have accumulated.  Due to increases in what is required from “Debt Relief” agencies (Bankruptcy Attorneys are included) as a result of additions to the Bankruptcy code  known as the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 or BAPCPA a licensed Bankruptcy Attorney can easily lose money while charging fees that exceed $2,000. A less expensive version is through the use of a licensed Bankruptcy Counselor.  A licensed Bankruptcy Counselor can legally prepare the Bankruptcy Petition -  normally for a couple hundred dollars – leaving you to take it to the court for filing.


Many times the licensed Bankruptcy Counselor can supply the necessary questions and evaluations you will want and need to answer regardless of who you seek assistance from with your Bankruptcy petition.  Be careful not to confuse a licensed Bankruptcy Counselor and someone who charges fees for “Filing” a Bankruptcy Petition that is not a licensed attorney.  Different excuses have been used in the past but in this country only licensed attorneys can charge for “Filing” a Bankruptcy petition with the court.  Licensed Bankruptcy Counselors provide the added benefit that they legally cannot charge you for the filing for the Bankruptcy Petition.  Many people use licensed counselors due to the costs involved.  Our most recent update shows filing fees for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy at $299.00, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy at $274.00 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy at $1,039.00.  As well as filing fees there is the requirement to pay for a pre-filing counseling course and a post-filing counseling course.  Using a licensed Counselor is considerably less risky than trying to do the entire process yourself.


A Bankruptcy Petition is a very powerful document and there are rules that regulate how it is used.  It would be a significant understatement to say that it is absolutely wasteful and disappointing to lose your chance at a Bankruptcy discharge because your Bankruptcy petition was prepared incorrectly. 


During a period when you have quite a bit on your mind knowing your options should be one of the things you focus on.   Receiving the services of a professional is definitely encouraged and an inexpensive option is always something to keep in mind. 


For people who are considering a Bankruptcy Petition and are not happy with “Cheap Services” from discount law firms or attorneys that have fees that are too high document preparation from a licensed Bankruptcy Counselor may be the perfect solution for your Bankruptcy Petition.

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