Bankruptcy Software


Bankruptcy software is available for consumers to generate bankruptcy documents in the same way that it is available for attorneys and law firms.


Surprisingly much of the software on the market is a computer language/framework from last century.  Our proprietary software Falcondox is a modern bankruptcy document preparation software including video tutorials to help you in ways document supply stores can’t at a fraction of the cost.


Licensed Document preparation is an attractive option when hiring a licensed attorney or Bankruptcy counselor is out of reach. 


Clients are able to login to our secure client portal 24 hours a day to access tools designed to add assistance, much of which they don’t have to pay for.


Technology and computer software, especially Bankruptcy software is changing consumer services for the better.  It allows an infinite number of details to be addressed without having to pay for the human labor that has historically caused consumer services to be expensive.  Everyone would like the best services possible with a company that has heavily invested in the quality of their work. In the past that has meant, most likely, hiring the most expensive person and that is not always an option.  Now companies that have invested heavily in quality are able to remove a portion of the most expensive part of the service – the human being. 


Bankruptcy software is one of the examples of how consumer services are changing for the better.  Supplying a price range with more options and accessibility that is not physically possible for a human.


“You Get What You Pay For”.  This was normally the case but technology has shown that innovation can produce superior results with less costs.  This results in the possibility of receiving services from the highest quality service providers while paying for the portion you want. 


Bankruptcy Software is one of the many innovative projects that we believe service providers should invest in.

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