Credit Management

Credit Management can be discussed in the same ways as personal asset management and personal debt management but unfortunately it does not get the same attention. It is very similar to the attention personal asset management received in the late 1970’s before names like Charles Schwab became common household names. Prior to that, asset management was only valued and performed by major corporations and fortune 500 companies. 30 years later we have numerous television stations devoted almost exclusively to personal asset management, on-line trading, and do it yourself investing.



On May 1, 1975, the U.S. Congress deregulated the stock brokerage industry which opened the door to discount brokerage firms. Charles Schwab separated himself by offering innovative do it yourself services while charging fees approximately 30 % of the amount charged prior to deregulation.

It is our opinion that Credit Management will follow the same model. The technology is available; the Subject matter is something homeowners and consumers have proven through asset management they are able to learn and perform with a minimum of professional guidance; and there is a huge benefit to consumers that address this part of their financial portfolio.

Credit Management services are developing proven standards and innovative new techniques to improve financial health. Credit Management Companies are providing credit management software, including apps for ipads and iphones, for automating many of the tasks associated with credit card debt. credit card debt relief and credit reporting. Our client portal continues to add new innovative functionalities based on the needs and desired conveniences of our clients.

With credit card defaults at an all-time high and too many consumers experiencing the discomforts associated with insufficient attention to credit management basics there may be no better time to improve on consumer credit management. Developments in financial management have been growing exponentially in recent decades and the history shows the benefits of implementing those developments into your personal portfolio.


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