Credit Management Companies

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Credit Management Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

In the State of Nevada, the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending, licenses companies to provide full Credit Management services with the “Credit Service Organization” license.  A list of the licensed companies is at the Financial Institutions Division website:

As of January 30, 2012 there were 34 companies listed as having been issued licenses.  Of the companies 17 had allowed their license to expire and 7 companies had Nevada addresses (5 located in Las Vegas). 

Company Name Website License # PhoneResumes Attorneys
Falcon Credit Management 3501 702-489-6575 3 1
A-Z Credit Services 0000 702-948-5007
Consumer Credit Counseling So NV 0000 702-364-0344
Credit Guard 0000 702-952-2600
Vivix Credit Solutions 0000 702-434-4414
American Consumer Credit Counseling 0000 617-559-5700
American Financial Solutions 0000 206-374-8839
Consumer Education Service 0000 919-785-0725
Continental Credit Corp 0000 303-339-7059
Credability 0000 404-653-8809
Credit Advisors Foundation 0000 402-393-3100
Debt Education and Certification Foundation 0000 817-710-2021
Equity Plus 0000 571-730-2973
Lighthouse Credit Foundation 0000 727-535-9653
Nationwide Bi-weekly Admin Inc 0000 937-376-5800
Pioneer Credit Counseling 0000 605-348-1608
Veracity Credit Counseling 0000 303-893-1801
License TerminatedWebsite License # PhoneResumes Attorneys
Commonwealth Financial Solutions unknown Terminated none
N Seattle Community College Foundation unknown Terminated none
NMB LLC unknown Terminated none
Loan Solutions LLC unknown Terminated none
Loan Modification Experts unknown Terminated none
Lighthouse Credit Foundation1 unknown Terminated none
Las Vegas Loan Modification LLC unknown Terminated none
Institute for Financial Literacy unknown Terminated none
Incharge institute of America Inc unknown Terminated none
JNR Associates unknown Terminated none
Hummingbird Credit Counseling unknown Terminated none
Home Equity Solutions unknown Terminated none
Home Mortgage Service unknown Terminated none
Credit Services of America unknown Terminated none
Credit Capital Solutions unknown Terminated none
Cornerstone Financial Education unknown Terminated none
Consumer Debt Relief Group unknown Terminated none
Commonwealth Financial Solutions unknown Terminated none
Coast to Coast Consulting unknown Terminated none
Clearpoint LLC unknown Terminated none
Auriton Solutions unknown Terminated none
American Loan Modifications Inc unknown Terminated none
Quick Credit Repair unknown Terminated none
Consumer Credit Affiliates Terminated 702-364-0344
Consumer Credit Counseling No NV Terminated 775-322-6557
Credit Source One Terminated 702-309-2745
Fast Credit Solutions Terminated 702-541-8216

The information on this page was updated and accurate using the listed references as of October 30, 2011.

Licensed Credit Management Companies typically provide free consultations and evaluations from Credit Management Basics to more complex subjects like business credit risk management and credit debt management.


In the present economy there are endless suppliers of credit card debt counselors, credit card debt relief programs and overall programs for credit management services.  It is important to do your research when evaluating what choices are best for you.  Credit card debt management can have a great impact on your life wether you are looking into consumer credit management or business.

Previous Credit Service Organization License # 3501
Previous Covered Service Provider License # 3379
8430 West Lake Mead Boulevard, Suite 106
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Telephone: 702-489-6575
Fax: 702-489-6576