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We provide a wide-range of Debt Management services.  Debt Advice Including educational opportunities through instructional videos on the subjects of Debt Consolidation, Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Debt Relief and other Debt Solutions


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These are all available 24-hours a day in our secure client portal, as well as, in our local office with licensed Credit Management and Debt Management professionals.  We structure each debt settlement offer to address the different payment arrangements needed by each of our clients.   Our Debt Management service includes a comprehensive evaluation in order to quickly provide to our clients the frequent and not so frequent options associated with Debt Restructuring, Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation and other debt relief while avoiding bankruptcy. Mortgage Debt is covered in our Loan Modification section.


There are a number of very common reasons why people end up with outstanding credit card debt.  It is also not uncommon to look for debt help or debt advice for: medical services, department store cards, personal loans, student loans, and bounced checks.  These bills are unsettling for a number of reasons but the most important thing is to receive qualified debt counseling and receive the possible debt solutions that are available to you.  Then you will be ready to decide what Debt Consolidation technique will be best for you.


Unlike Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies – We can often offer an attractive option to attempt to set up a discounted debt settlement at less than 50% of what you presently owe – this Debt Relief service normally has a maximum time-line of 6-months.


Another benefit is the ability to be debt free and begin improving your credit score in 3 to 6 months.  This is something we cover in more detail in our credit reporting instructional video series but it is a question that is frequently overlooked:  How long will it take me to start building positive credit?  Everyone who settles a debt should keep in mind that a 1099 c cancellation of debt form will be sent to the irs.  This has tax consequences that we explain in detail.


Another Debt Management plan we provide clients in understanding their options for Debt Settlement is “Payment Options”.  A 2-year payment schedule may provide for an attractive payment but for a little bit more money you could be debt free and building positive credit in less than 6 months.  Two years into the future there is real value in a 6 month payment plan and a year and a half of positive credit reporting vs looking back at a 2-year payment plan and some of the debt collection practices that accompany it.  In the event it goes beyond simple debt collection (where you may want to use a cease and desist letter), we provide a video on a debt collection lawsuit.


Unfortunately, you will need to be delinquent to qualify for debt settlement agreements that result in significant debt relief.  It is not impossible to engage in debt negotiation on a current credit card debt but it is highly unlikely that you will experience the same debt relief on a current credit card debt as you would a delinquent credit card debt.


There are a large number of companies advertising as types of debt management companies.  Unfortunately a small number of these companies are licensed.  We provide a list of Licensed Debt Management Companies, Debt Consolidation Companies, and Debt Settlement Companies in this section.  Las Vegas Debt Consolidation and Las Vegas Debt Management companies have been required to provide services under the Debt Adjuster's License until recently.  The new Licensed will be called the Debt Management License.




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