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Debt Consolidation Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

In the State of Nevada, the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending, Financial Institutions Division licenses companies to provide full service Debt Management and/or Debt Settlement services with the "Debt Adjuster's" license. 

A list of the licensed companies names, addresses, and phone numbers are available at the Financial Institutions Division website:

As of June 24, 2010 there were 16 companies listed.  Of the companies listed 3 had Nevada addresses.


Company Name Website License # PhoneResumes Attorneys
Falcon Credit Management 22100 702-489-6575 3 1
Fortress Credit Services, LLC ? 702-363-7977
Credit Counsellors of Las Vegas 2 ? 702-641-0008
License TerminatedWebsite License # StateResumes Attorneys
Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp R/E none NONE
Careone R/E MD NONE
Consumer Credit counseling Service of San Francisco R/E CA NONE
Consumer Credit counseling Service of the Midwest Inc R/E OH NONE
Consumer Alliance Processing Corporation R/E CA NONE
Credit Advisors Inc R/E NE NONE
Family Credit Management Services R/E IL NONE
Family Financial Education Foundation R/E WY NONE
Money Management International R/E TX
NovaDebt R/E NJ NONE
Springboard Consumer Credit Management R/E CA NONE
Take Charge America Inc R/E AZ NONE Credit Card Mgmt R/E FL NONE

The information on this page was updated and accurate using the listed references as of June 24, 2010.







Previous Credit Service Organization License # 3501
Previous Covered Service Provider License # 3379
8430 West Lake Mead Boulevard, Suite 106
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Telephone: 702-489-6575
Fax: 702-489-6576