Foreclosure Information

We provide foreclosure information and specialize in services related to Foreclosure prevention, the Nevada foreclosure mediation program, loan modification, debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt management, and loss mitigation planning.

Financial hardship can affect anyone.   Living in the present with foreclosures at the highest levels in recent history we see a much higher number of people falling victim to avoidable consequences of financial hardship.

We offer foreclosure information through video series and documents you can read for each of our foreclosure prevention services.  Our foreclosure video series addresses the laws for homeowners as well as renters that are going through the foreclosure process.  Many helpful provisions are available to homeowners and renters but unfortunately many people do not take advantage of what is available to them because they aren’t presented with the sometimes small amount of foreclosure information they need to avoid the ever growing numbers of foreclosures.

Our foreclosure mediation program video series takes you through the entire program with examples of what you need to qualify, what needs to be prepared examples of things that happen during and after a foreclosure mediation.  We have spoken to too many people that have spent much more time than was necessary to fill out the required foreclosure mediation documentation incorrectly because they didn’t  have the foreclosure information that would have helped them understand and provide a framework for completing the documentation correctly.

Loss mitigation planning including foreclosure information is where everyone should begin in evaluating their financial hardship, personal, and professional situations.




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