Identity Theft

Our Identity Theft Service is sometimes included in our Credit Management Service due to the frequency of individuals that have problems on their credit reports that are a result of someone else’s behavior.

The technology of the last couple decades has allowed for great advances to be made in Personal communication, Business efficiency and Crime.

A few decades ago it would be necessary to risk your physical well-being and future freedom to “Hold Up” Banks, Liquor stores, or Convenience stores.  Modern advances, and limited negative consequences, have made identity theft or id theft the modern, efficient version of being a “Bank Robber” while increasing the need for identity theft protection.  Unfortunately history has shown that if risk decreases and reward stays the same or increases - the behavior will likely become more common.  This is why advances have been made in services that protect identity  from id theft giving consumers more protection in regards to their credit score and credit report.

The Goals of our Identity Theft Services are to:

  • remove the negative accounts associated with your credit report, name, and financial contacts;
  • prevent future id theft through complex credit monitoring software and allow you to continue building positive credit.

We do not believe in placing a fraud alert on your credit reports, preventing future activity, is a solution -  Just like we wouldn’t suggest welding all your windows and doors shut to stop unwelcomed visitors – Unless you have no plans of ever going outside.

We provide a wide variety of identity theft options for every client and explain the expected time and expense associated with each option.  This has helped us in meeting the needs of our clients.









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