Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching helps people define and achieve personal and professional goals. Coaching services lie on a scale between mentoring and training on one end, and psychotherapy and counseling at the other. In a sense, coaching offers the best of mentoring and training and the best of psychotherapy and counseling.

In other words, life coaching is a future-focused practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Life coaching has its roots in executive coaching, which itself drew on techniques developed in management consulting and leadership training. Life coaching also draws inspiration from disciplines including sociology, psychology, positive adult development, career counseling, mentoring and other types of counseling.

Instructing, coaching and mentoring differ. Instructors disseminate knowledge. Coaches help people build skills. Mentors shape people's attitudes.

Coaching and Mentoring differ as defined above but are commonly used successfully in conjunction with each other to reach attainable goals.  Building skills is, many times, easier than people think due to the availability of talents that have been on the shelf for a period of time and may only require dusting off.  It is not uncommon for people to unknowingly drift away from performance of the skills and talents that brought enjoyment and pleasure to their lives through an unexpected event or what was originally considered an unrelated endeavor.

Attitudes can move in different directions dramatically affecting perception of real events.  It is not uncommon for individuals going through financial hardship to experience influences that have overwhelming affects on their attitudes and perceptions.  It is with this in mind that we have developed convenient and cost affective mentoring classes that we offer as an additional feature for interested members.

Coaching and Mentoring used in conjunction can produce significant beneficial results for someone going through the common, and not so common, results of financial hardship.


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