Life Coaching Books

Life coaching books are made available along with a customized list of DVD’s, CD’s, and other multi-media recommendations, depending on the client. Life coaches will customize these recommendations according to the needs and desires of the individual. For more information on coaching, please be sure to check out the ICF and Coach U, the two most-respected coaching organizations to date.

Every client we have receives a customized plan for resolving unsettled situations and achieving their desired goals of the future.  This is additionally a mandatory component of our Life Coaching Services and consequently our life coaching books and other multi-media recommendations.

We have found that different clients have different preferences for receiving their coaching and mentoring which is why we are further developing our video and multi-media libraries in conjunction with our life coaching books, newsletters and editorials.

Having these services available on-line and in video format was a decision we made do to our understanding that  people benefit from having information at their fingertips available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Clients have responded positively to having the accessibility to videos, editorials and questionnaires at a time when they were not in the mood to read a book.  We are aware of the effort our clients’ invest in making a positive change in their lives and it is our goal to make our services including our life coaching books and multi-media available in every situation possible and user friendly in order to maximize the experienced results.






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