Life Skills Coach

A Life skills coach is a specific type of life coach that aims to improving performance or behavior in specific personal or professional (life) arenas.

The emphasis is on taking action through improved motivation and goal setting skills and sustaining the changes over time. Life skills coaching is a derivative of life coaching that involves the application of learned techniques that build decision making skills and promote positive thinking. As such, it is more practice-driven than theory-driven including life coaching books and other coaching mentoring techniques .

Life skills coaching is not therapy or counseling, per se. Life skills coaches help people solve problem or maladaptive behaviors. Life skills coaches will listen, make suggestions, ask questions, and respond with time-tested, face-valid recommendations.

Due to the “practice-driven” nature of life skills coaching we have developed innovative ways our clients can complete their practicing sessions.  We have implemented this through our secure client portal, multi-media and video library.  Many of our life coaching services are able to be performed completely and efficiently on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are able to follow up with complete detailed evaluations in person, on the telephone, by mail or secure e-mail.  This adds to the convenience that some clients desire.

A Life Skills Coach can be the perfect decision for someone who enjoys being “hands on” while being able to attend to scheduled events.  Additionally, they are able to look at and address specific personal and professional situations objectively.

Objectivity is a challenge for anyone when looking inside.  For many of the finer detailed personal situations it is not uncommon for someone not to receive any outside opinions in the course of their day to day lives.  Receiving an “outside”, objective opinion can be a relieving breath of fresh air.  We are aware our clients have specific needs and we are aware these needs require customized plans and assistance.

Robert Mack has been consulted for all of the  life coaching tools in use by Falcon Credit Management. 









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