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Falcon Credit Management loan modification services start under $300 with our on-line document preparation service all the way to complex debt restructuring that includes loan modifications with millions of dollars in assets and liabilities.

A mortgage is secured by what many consider their highest value asset – the home their family lives in. We recognize the pressure associated with home loan modification (loan mods or loan mod) and related foreclosures. We have developed a secure client portal where management tools are available securely 24-hours a day. Our clients have found great value in their ability to understand their situation through easy access to informational videos, their documentation, and previous correspondence that has taken place between their licensed loan modification professional, self and mortgage lender. We have developed these mortgage loan modification tools to provide the maximum in assistance to our clients through their loan modification and to the financial improvement waiting following the highest recorded levels of foreclosures in recent history.

Loan Modifications Video Series #1

Loan Modification is part of our 15 Steps to Foreclosure Prevention and in some cases Present and Post Foreclosure.

First we always start with a free consultation during which we discover and explain the homeowner's objectives and needs and available loan modification programs. It is our goal to have you well informed about your situation and all your potential options.
Different types of Modifications you may qualify for include:

  • Reduction of the interest rate
  • Extension of the Loan Payment Period
  • Reamortization with Capitalization of Arrears
  • Relief of Arrears and Penalties
  • Relief of 2nd Lien
  • Reduction of the Principal Balance

As well as Loan Modifications there are also:

  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – which stops the Foreclosure process and relieves the consumer to the obligations of the Mortgage.
  • Preforeclosure Sales/ Short Sales – this is where the bank agrees to permit you to sell your property for less than you owe without being responsible to repay the difference.
  • Assumptions – transfers the responsibility of the mortgage to a third party who is in a better position to deal with it.
  • Variable Workout Options – due to the present state of Workouts and Modifications there are many components that can be used interchangeably to achieve a hybrid Workout that will best suit your personal situation.

Recognizing the Abusive side of Mortgage Lending:

In some situations it may be evident that payments have been misapplied or have resulted in errors in calculation. We are able to locate these and in most cases use them to your benefit in achieving a workout without litigation.

We also counsel the homeowner about foreclosure related scams. Unfortunately there are people who will attempt to take advantage of a homeowner in a vulnerable situation. We understand the stress of your situation and how difficult it can be to make such important decisions when the clock is ticking. We do our best to provide you with all the information so you will never leave our offices confused.

When researching loan modifications it is possible you will find useful information listed under the industry terms: loan mod, loan mods, home loan modification, mortgage loan modification or loan modification program to name a few.

Loan Modification Companies will display their Loan Modification License where they conduct business.  We have produced a Loan Modification Software and Loan Modification Guide to help homeowners get a better understanding and in some cases do it themselves.  Also available on this site are our instructions for assembling our Loan Modification Binder and what we consider Loan Modification Vital Documents.  We are happy to be a member of Las Vegas Loan Modification and look forward to helping you.

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