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We have spent years developing software based applications with the goal of supplying consumers the convenience, affordability and quality that they need in managing their finances.  Similar to our innovations in licensing, video based software and interactive client portal we have produced the first Loan Modification App (Free Download).

This Loan Modification App is available for free and is designed to provide you with the convenient, accurate and necessary “Eligibility Requirements” for the HAMP Loan Modification Program as well as your “Payment”, or loan modification terms if you are approved.  This means everyone can know in a few minutes if they qualify for a loan modification and what their payment will be following approval (in the most popular HAMP modification program.) 

Even following years of development and customer trials we will continue to update the App based on any requests of the customers or amendments to the Loan Modification program.

We continue development and have 5 additional phases scheduled for completion by March 2011. 

Get Modified is a personal management tool with the goals of maximizing your benefit from the money you make and spend while preventing financial hardship.

Get Modified provides specific evaluations including:

•    Loan Modification Evaluator - The purpose of this Loan Modification application is to supply homeowners with the calculations and evaluative methodology used by banks in loan modifications not available to homeowners on the government website.  We believe this is an essential evaluation for deciding on an appropriate loss mitigation option;
•    Payment Organizer - The purpose of this application is to provide consumers daily access and convenient means for:  
•    Being aware of bill payments - Payments can be programmed with a due date and a date for optimal credit reporting;
•    Account and Creditor information - Credit Reporting Agencies calculate credit score based on % of credit available at time of reporting and paying on time;
•    The ability to document personal daily cash income;
•    Mortgage Strategic Default Evaluator - The purpose of this application is to provide consumers, in simple terms, an understanding of:
•    Time and Cost to own a home with equity in 2 situations (Maintain current mortgage or default on current and purchase new home in 2-4 years);
•    Benefits to strategic default including rental, tax and hoa savings (+ any savings for period of living in home without payment);
•    Liabilities to default including loss of mortgage tax savings (monthly mortgage payment * 12 * 32% or your tax bracket), moving expense, possible deficiency judgment and consequences of credit reporting (lenders won’t extend credit for 2-4 years and possible consequences to employment);
•    Credit Card Strategic Default Evaluator - The purpose of this application is to provide consumers, in simple terms, an understanding of:
•    Time and Cost to pay off credit card debt in 2 situations (Maintain current terms or default on current and negotiate a settlement);
•    Benefits to strategic default including monthly payment savings; amount of outstanding debt on credit report after 6-12 months;
•    Liabilities to default including loss of positive credit reporting, possible litigation including judgment and wage garnishment;
•    Emotional Tendencies of Financial Hardship Evaluator –  The purpose of this Loan Modification app is to provide:
•    Homeowners with the questions to determine if they are showing the common avoidable symptoms and habits of people going through financial hardship;
•     An instant evaluation of their answers including comparisons to norms of people representing symptoms of financial hardship and those living financially responsibly;
•    Recommendations for positive coping strategies for these common situations;
•    The ability for on-going coaching with published author and life coach Robert Mack.
•    Bankruptcy Evaluator (Means Test) –  The purpose of this App is to provide a consumer with the answer if they qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Our Loan Modification App is positioned to be the first in the industry designed to help homeowners with their loan modification application and related issues.


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