Loan Modification Vital Documents List

The Following documents are considered essential by Falcon Credit Management for maximizing your opportunities for a successful loan modification.  We provide reccomendations for organizing these documents on our "Binder Preparation" page.


  • Authorization to Release Mortgage Information documents for each mortgage company.


  • Copy of deed of trust from each mortgage loan


  • Last two bank statements (checking and savings, all pages)


  • Last two paycheck stubs


  • Two most recent tax returns including all schedules


  • Most recent statements for 401K, retirement and investment accounts


  • Completed Financial Worksheet (Available on client portal)


  • Copy of Notice of Default or Pre-foreclosure letter, if any


  • Copy of driver’s license


  • If property is rented, copy of lease or rental agreement


  • Most recent statements of any investments or retirement accounts


  • Copy of homeowner insurance statement and property tax bills




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