Loan Mods


Loan Mods is an industry phrase which refers to loan modifications.  Loan Modification is most commonly a modification of a home loan but can be for any type of loans including a:  small business loan, personal loan, commercial loan, or residential loan.  A Mortgage loan is commonly used to describe a deed of trust.  We explain this in more detail on our mortgage loan and deed of trust page.  All of these loans are eligibile for a bank loan mod or loan modification where the loan amortization will be recalculated to show a reduction in principle, interest rate of the loan, elongation of the loan term or special forbearance.


Loan Mods have shown drastic improvements in consumers and homeowners’ understanding of the process and the lenders execution of the process.  It should be kept in mind that lenders were not equipped to service the exponential increase in home loan modifications we have seen in recent years.  Large adjustments were necessary in banking especially in credit management and debt management divisions.  Whether you are on the homeowner side or lender side of a loan modification it should be obvious based on recent history that a detailed understanding of the process will pay dividends in results obtained while limiting the costs and time incurred by both sides.


Whether you have a short term loan or a long term home loan, loan mods have proven to be an effective loss mitigation strategy that continues to improve while benefitting homeowners and lenders.  It should be noted that all loss mitigation techniques or strategies are to be applied to a situation based on that situation.  No single technique or strategy works for everyone.  It is even possible to have a loss mitigation technique that significantly helps one individual while the same technique would have severe negative effects on someone else.  Due to this it is recommended that when dealing with loan mods or other loss mitigation options consult a licensed loan modification company.










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