"After 20+ years of living around the corner and knowing their office I hired Falcon to take a look at the financial agreements I had with 600 members, 15 vendors, 20 employees, and 2 banks for my 13,000 sq. ft gym. As soon as I left the office I knew everything was taken care of, so when I received the results a few weeks later the only surprises were results I didn’t know were possible- and the extra money that goes along with them!"

- Brian Chamberlain, IFBB Pro.


"Falcon settled $75,000+ of my credit cards debts for less than $15,000."

- MK., South Florida.

"Whether it was a Loan Modification, a miscalculation on a Student Loan that almost led to Garnishment, an alleged doctor's visit from 9 years ago that went to collection, a lowered credit card limit based on a mistaken entry to my credit report...I can call at any time and get current information on any possible credit/debt issue...Thanks Falcon!"

- Dave M., Las Vegas, NV.

"We just got married and were getting ready to buy our first home when we saw items on our credit reports we didn’t recognize, not to mention a $28,000 tax lien that we had paid an attorney years previous to prove it wasn’t valid. Before we heard back from the attorney Falcon took care of everything (18 items in 3 months to be exact)...And Thanks for the Couples discount!"

- JLS., Las Vegas, NV.

"Saved over six figures over the life of my loan."

- MR., Las Vegas, NV.

"After a series of 5am collection calls--on days where one job allows me to get to sleep by 4am and the other job requires me up at 8am I luckily bumped into a Specialist from Falcon to talk about credit management. The next morning I woke up to the same abusive collection company and read from the paper from Falcon I was told to keep by the phone (for Free) -- You could have heard a pin drop when I told him of the violations he committed and when I received a $1,000 judgment--Invigorating--I no longer cringe around ringing phones, Thanks Falcon!"

- Mark C., Las Vegas, NV.

"Falcon settled $39,000+ of my credit cards debts for less than $8,000."

- JW., Las Vegas, NV.

"I received a loan modification that saved me more than 6-figures over the life of my loan and I was able to get out of a terrible car lease that had me in a situatuon where I stood to lose more than I could afford."

- GR., Las Vegas, NV.

"It cost me less than $4,000 to settle $14,000+ of my credit cards debts."

- KR., Las Vegas, NV.


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